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I Need A New Job

The latest news out of acedemia:
According to a new study, the length of time spent driving translates into the size of the "spare tire" around your waist.

Even more than income, education, gender or ethnicity, the effect of time spent behind the wheel can be seen on the scale, says the study.
This little gem of wisdom comes courtesy of research conducted at UBC over the last two years. Now I'm not one to complain (OK I am but that's beside the point) but is it really necessary that my hard earned tax dollars help pay for this kind of stuff?

If these researchers wanted to study this on their own time, and with their own funding, then good for them. But we pay the salaries of these people! Please, oh please, do something useful with your time!

Anyways as long as we're going to be paying for this stuff I think that I've gotten into the wrong kind of work. What I need is a project that spans two years where the final results could be slapped together by a dim-witted 15 year old the night before they are to be published.

Imagine the free time you'ld have!

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