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I Heard Something About Him

Just a quick observation about a trend that I have picked up while taking to a few people lately. People seem to be scared of Stephen Harper, but they don't seem to know why. A few people I've talked to actually said something along these lines, "You know I really don't like the Liberals but I'm frightened by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, so I don't know who to vote for."

Does that type of reasoning sound familiar to anyone? In response to this I like to ask the person a simple question. Outside of what Liberal party's campaign told you, do you know of any reason or reason to be scared of Stephen Harper? The answer which comes back is usually, "No I guess not". Does that tell you anything, the Liberals tell everybody who'll listen, that Stephen Harper is to be feared, then for the next month people go around and talk about how they're afraid of him, without ever knowing why. Totally amazing how they pull the wool over peoples eyes.

The Liberals have been in power for so long that we Canadians don't really know anything else but the Liberal party and they are using that against us. Making the unknown out to be scary, evil or worse yet maybe even like Americans, heaven forbid. The Liberals might as well come right out and tell us that we can't live without them, our futures are in danger if another party ever got elected! Well that might be true if the NDP were elected, but come on be serious for a second.

Anyway, Harper and the Conservatives should be out trying to connect on a personnel level with as many people as possible, end the myth once and for all. For the good of Canada, not to bring on its demise like the Liberals seem so ready to tell the citizens of this great nation.

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