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Grading the Debate

I am going to grade each of the four party leader on tonight's debate and give a short comment about what I thought of each one.

Bloc - Gilles Duceppe, A minus, I don't agree with his politics but he asked some tough questions and got his message out, will stand up for Quebecers. Of course he did have the easiest position to debate from.

Conservative - Stephen Harper, B plus, Remained calm and answered most questions honestly, what more could you ask. Needed to get his points across a little more forcefully at times.

NDP - Jack Layton, B minus, He's a good speaker and seems like he truly cares about Canada but reality may be a problem with him. Why is he so happy about wanting to raise my taxes?

Liberal - Paul Martin, C minus, His strategy was to talk though all of the other leaders questions until time ran out, that way he didn't have to answer those questions, add in a few lies about the Conservatives and that about wraps it up.

There you have it, agree or disagree with my opinion or not, I hope the debate helped you make your decision easier come election day.

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