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A Good Conservative Platform Item

With things seemlingly improving for the Conservative Party during the last couple of weeks I've got an idea of something they should persue if they win the federal election.

That of course would be to start dismantling the bureaucratic infrastructure that has been built here in Canada of the last 10-15 years.

Why should this be part of their election platform: simply because it's cost is enormous and the benefits provided are in many cases neglible if not downright non-existent.

A few examples:

- The language police that were investigating Don Cherry earlier this year because of his 'visor' comments. These matters should be handled by the police, an organization that still believes in the rule of law and the need for proof before charges are made. Bureaucracies that monitor language are bound by no such rules and basically go after whoever they choose. Poof!
- The gun registry of course. It's cost is astronomical and its benefits are nil. I sent a letter to John Manley complaining about it last year and as a proof that the registry works he sited a case where some European character was charged with smuggling 20000 weapons into the country. I replied back that we had laws to prevent such things and the gun registry was in no way needed to press charges in that case. Gone!

I could go on forever here but I'm in a rush so I'll keep it short. I may post some in the comments section later if I'm ambitious.

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