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Find Me That Carpet!

Paul Martin's comment concerning how he could have swept the sponsorship scandal 'under the carpet' was probably his most confident and most self-assured moment of the debate. It was very revealing and it would look great repeated over and over as a 30 second commercial.

Oddly enough, that was the only thing he said all night that I actually believed.

Update @ 10:30pm

Marzi has some takes on the French debates of last night. Her runup of each candidates smile is classic.

Update Wednesday @ 6:43am

I don't think that Jack Layton did particularly bad during the debate, but if anyone up there looked like a used car salesman it was certainly him. And whats with that goofy smile of his anyways? Everytime the camera spun towards him I started to crack up. As scary as an NDP governement would be its surprising that I find their leader so funny.

Anyways, back to Paul Martin's comment concerning sweeping the sponsorship scandal 'under the carpet'. First off, I'm surprised that it hasn't become the single most repeated soundbite of the debate. Oh well. The repercusions of that comment are quite revealing though:

-If Martin has such faith in the Ethics Councelor, how exactly would he do this sweeping? Does he think the Ethics Councelor could be bought off or influenced in some manner?

- It of course implies that he feels all party members who know anything about the sponsorship scandal could be convinced to go along with any illegal scheme. It should be saying alot if a party leader knows his party would be so willing to sweep something 'under the carpet'.

- It also seems quite likely to me that if he thinks it would be so easy to sweep it 'under the carpet' it pretty much implies that he's swept something else under it. How else could it seem so easy to him unless he's had some experience at it?

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