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A Couple More Things

The next time some idiot trys to tell you that the Americans are destroying the environment by not signing the Kyoto Protocol, throw some of this at them. Its not that I'm willing to let the US off the hook when it comes to environmental issues but unless you live in a mud hut somewhere in Africa odds are you're being a total hypocrite if you blame the US for all our environmental woes.


We're getting more proof that Stephen Harper is becoming more adept at dealing with the media than the old wort Paul Martin. From the interview:
"I'm quite disappointed that the other party leaders decided not to come to Normandy with me…it's a tremendous opportunity for us to repay a debt to those who gave up their lives for us. I'm actually surprised," Martin said.

"I thought that all of them would have undertaken it. I said, 'Look, come on with us, we'll fly over, we'll fly right back, we'll only miss a day. I would have thought they would have given up a day to commemorate Normandy but they've chosen not to and that's their choice."
Can Martin not shut off the cheap shot reflex for two minutes to say something worthwhile about the D-Day ceremonies. Instead he spews this crap.

But Harper, in a very calm and low key manner that I'm starting to like in him, responded:
Harper said Martin is "politicizing" the issue "in a dumb way."

"People don't want to see politicians over there, they want to see veterans," Harper said.

Harper said he gave up his seat to a veteran living in his riding. He said it would be hypocritical for him to attend "a political photo-op" after he criticized the government for initially including only 60 veterans as part of Canada's delegation.

The federal government later announced it will spend up to $3 million to help veterans attend Second World War commemorative ceremonies.

"I think we should have more veterans over there and fewer politicians," Harper said.
So there you have it. Harper gives his seat to a veteran from his riding and Paul Martin takes that as an opportunity for implying that Harper doesn't care about our veterans. Not only does Harper give a vet his seat but he doesn't use our vet's as political props either.

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