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Couldn't have Said it Better...

Here Colin Powell makes his thoughts known on the Palestinian question,
"What we need is, I believe, more responsible action on the part of the Palestinian Authority in order to bring terrorism under control - to make sure that violence is being brought to an end."
Wait a second, Powell's right but he's a diplomat so he can't say anything that might offend Arafat or the Palestinians, so maybe I could say it better.

Let's start by saying that all support for terrorism must end, yes that means Yasser Arafat, violence is not the answer to the Palestinian question anymore, especially not after Camp David, when Arafat had a chance to give his people their own state, he proved without a doubt that he is not a partner for peace. Arafat should be treated as the terrorist that he is, jailed or killed, makes no difference to me. Getting rid of Arafat one way or another is essential to peace in the region.

Let's only reward the Palestinians who seek peace through nonviolent action, giving into Afarat and his demands only gives him incentive to use more violence, which has worked for him since the 70s. Arafat is only using the occupation as a excuse, to not create jobs, an education system and to delay much needed democratic reforms. Arafat is one of the major reasons that the Palestinians suffer as much as they do, he must go and from now on all Palestinian leaders must be held accountable for their actions as all of the world's leaders should be.

Its a shame to see so many people die on a daily basis, when all the Palestinians needed was a decent leader who cared about their well being and all of this death and destruction could have been avoided. They could have been four years in on rebuilding projects, creating a stable economy and a more stable life for millions of Palestinians, but no. One man and his corrupt gang of self-interested thugs destroyed that chance so they could continue to line their pockets and keep themselves in power, very sad indeed. Arafat must go!

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