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Chirac Disagrees

No big surprise here, French President Jacques has disagreed with President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair on NATO taking a bigger role in Iraq. Chirac went on to say,
"It does not fit within the vocation of NATO to intervene in Iraq."
No of course it doesn't Jacques, in your opinion NATO was formed to serve France and France only, it never involved France taking on a role that didn't suit French interests. That would just be a pain in the ass, right Jacques.

Sell reactors to Saddam, weapons to who ever can pay cash or give us oil, spend on social programs, no worries the Americans will bail us out if we get ourselves into any trouble. Good old uncle Sam. Maybe if America would have let the Russians have France after WWII, the French might be a little more cooperative than they are today, maybe they might appreciate their freedom a little more.

The French are like a spoiled child, they lived under the protection of American military might for generations, with very little asked of them in return and when the time comes to repay the rest of the world, they act like it was their God given right to have been protected by America all those years. How's that for gratitude?

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