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Canada's Team

In this year's NHL playoffs the Calgary Flames have been dubbed "Canada's Team" by most hockey observers. I for one disagree with that, Prince Edward Island is a part of Canada right? We here in the birth place of confederation are cheering for the Tampa Bay Lightning, in fact about 90% of the province are firmly behind Tampa. So let's start calling the Flames "Nearly all of Canada's Team", we Islanders want to be left out of this one.

Why you ask, is most of PEI cheering for an American team? Well let me start off by telling you that PEI is a small province (believe it or not), and every one on the Island knows somebody who knows good old so and so, we Islanders are a close knit group (NO, not that close if you know what I mean). Most of PEI is cheering for Tampa because of one reason and one reason only and its Brad Richards and the fact that he his a proud Islander. To cheer for the Flames over one of our own would be close to treason for most Islanders.

It also helps that Richards is having a MVP type playoff, remember everyone likes a winner. It would also mean a lot to Islanders to have the Stanley Cup come to the Island this summer, seeing as most Islanders live and breath hockey, it would be a pretty big deal. So just remember the next time you hear somebody call the Flames "Canada's Team", stop them and then correct them, tell em their wrong, the Flames are only "Nearly all of Canada's Team".

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