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As Quagmires Go...

... the US could use a few more of them.

While the media was gloating (yes gloating!) that Muqtada al-Sadr's Madhi Army was going to take over Iraq and plunge it into chaos it seems the US military was kicking some serious ass:
Last week, Sheik al-Sadr surrendered. He called on what was left of his men to cease operations and said he may one day seek public office in a democratic Iraq.

Gen. Hertling said Mahdi's Army is defeated, according the Army's doctrinal definition of defeat. A few stragglers might be able to fire a rocket-propelled grenade, he said, but noted: "Do they have the capability of launching any kind of offensive operation? Absolutely not."

The division estimates it killed at least several thousand militia members.
I'm to lazy to check at the moment but I can't imagine the US lost more than 100 troops during the whole operation. And at least al-Sadr is starting to learn how democracy works. Public office? Please.

And it seems US policy towards al-Sadr has had a very profound effect on other tribal or religious leaders in the country. You don't hear of any leader of significance openly challenging the US now do you?

Terrorist nutjobs are still challenging the US but they sure as hell won't stand out on the streets and do it. Regardless they can be dealt with... one at a time.

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