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Arg! I Hate Liberals!

[Via Nealenews]

First the Ontario Liberals raise our taxes after explicitly saying they wouldn't during the last provincial election. Bad enough that they raised taxes but by implementing a 'health levy' they were able to avoid the requirement that all tax increases be put to a provincial plebicite.

Now we find out that this money, so desperately needed by our health care system, is going to fix sewers!
Nearly $200-million brought in by Ontario's new health-care premium will be spent on sewer, water, wastewater and other programs, a move the Health Minister defended yesterday as necessary for improving Ontarians' well-being.

Health Minister George Smitherman said the government can't improve people's health "if Ontarians are drinking water that's unhealthy or continuing to breathe air that's problematic for them."

He said the water-care expenditures are included in the $2.4-billion that will be entering provincial coffers annually as a result of the new premium instituted in last month's budget.

All the funding will go toward improving health care, he added.
Now I'm all for clean water but to suggest that this is a 'health care system' related expense is a lot of smoke and mirrors. I haven't been a big fan of the Liberals for a very long time but its now come to the point where I don't believe a single word that comes out of their mouths.

For all those of you who wonder if the Liberals are sincere when they say they will shorten waiting lists for health care services... well I guess you now have your answer.

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