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And today...

Well first off sorry I haven't been posting lately. Given the election and everything else going on in the world you'ld think I'ld be full of opinions I'ld love to share.

Anyways, I guess I'm in a funk or something which is probably something that most bloggers find themselves in once in a while. Blah blah blah...

So what can I say about the election? Not much I guess since the results didn't totally surprise me. I posted my predictions back in February and to tell you the truth I really didn't see a reason to update them since. My only real screw up in the whole thing was that 4 months ago, and one week ago, I didn't expect the Bloc to do so well.

I guess Quebecers can take the proud distinction of giving the Liberals the spanking they deserved (clapping of hands...). Ontario on the other hand (hissing and booing). I've lived in Ontario the last few years and this place is totally beyond comprehension for me. Short of the Liberal government killing off each families first born child, what exactly will it take for Ontarians to vote for someone other than the Liberals?

I'm convinced that native born Ontarians get secret cheques sent to them every year by the Liberal Party of Canada. I suspect the value of the cheques is probably anywhere's from about $400-600. Can I prove this. Well no. But if anything makes sense in this world it is the fact that Ontarians receive hush money from the Liberals.

Regardless we all knew we were going to have a minority government so for the pundits and media whores to tell us how shocking the results were can stuff it. Relax. Peter Manbridge on one of the CBC commercials refered to the election as the 'greatest event in modern Canadian history'. Really? It's an election Peter. We have one every couple of years. Drop the act. Peter should realize that we know how important he is to our lives. We would be hollow and shallow people without his guiding presense...

And for election coverage I watched CTV and it was very well done. The CBC induces my gag reflex so I've been avoiding it like the plague.

But like I said, the CTV coverage was really well done. It was funny when Martin left the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal after the vote was settled. The CTV guy on site tried to get a quote out of Martin who didn't say a word and just jumped into his limo. So the CTV guy is like 'Awe Mr. Martin at least smile for us. How about a wave. Come on.' At which point Martin flashes a wave and a smile. So the guy on site and the CTV panel in the studio all break out in cheers. Anyways you had to see it.

But all in all I would give the CTV coverage about a A-. I was quite impressed.

I'ld give the CBC a grade but I'ld probably get a call from their executives telling me how grades are unproductive and just cause low self-esteem among those being graded. They'ld probably give me a little speech about how grades are the means how our established patriarchical society oppresses women and minorities...

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