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Advice To Liberals

After reading up on all the fear mongering the Liberals have been up to this past week I thought I'ld lend my sharp political mind to help the Liberals out in their campaign.

My first piece of advice is that as much as you may try to avoid the fact this election is about you. The credibility of your party is in shambles and ranting and raving about imaginary devils will not win this election for you.

The simple fact is that you've gone through the fear mongering routine for the past three elections and in every one of these elections the conservative parties in combination have polled equally with you. So if all your fear mongering would not have guarranted you a majority in the previous elections why do you think it will make a big difference this time. I'm sorry but that train left a long time ago.

My second piece of advice is to start reaching out to NDP voters as quickly as possible. With the merger of the conservative parties it is most likely that this election will show that our political environment is shifting back to its historical norm. That is, we'll have two large parties competing with each other and a few stragglers tagging along. This shift won't be complete in this election cycle but it probably will be after the next.

The next four years will probably see a dramatic fall in support for the Bloc. This is for the simple reason that Quebecors won't have anything to gain by doing so. As well a fall in NDP support can be expected as well. Basically there is no reason to believe that things are significantly different than they were before the PC Party split.

My final piece of advise is that the leadership of your party is out of control and must be reeled in. When a party leadership starts to publicly over-rule local nominations you are setting yourselves up for a lot of internal party conflict. Once the top of a party begins to ignore the people in the trenches bad things are soon to follow. Who exactly do you expect to put up those signs, drive people to the polls, etc... when you've shown that you look down at them and don't trust their judgement.

That's it for my advice to the Liberals. I'll try and give the Conservatives some pointers in the next few days.

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