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The Youth Vote

I am totally baffled by the entire campaign waged by the media and our government encouraging young people to vote. I find the concern people express for low voter turnout, especially among youth, amusing at best and politically manipulative at worst.

Now simply having a few commericals encouraging people to vote are fine... its just that I start to worry when the CBC starts doing 'specials' on the subject. Once the CBC has a show on a subject its only a matter of time before a bunch of do-gooders start lobbying for government money to solve the problem.

So is there a problem? Well the 'evil conservative political operator' in me says no. That's because as Winston Churchill said:
Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conversative, has no brains.
I'm sure most of us would agree that Winnie had it right on the mark. So the 'evil conservative political operator' in me thinks the Conservative Party should do everything possible to suppress the 'youth vote'. I'm not talking about violence or anything like that. Maybe some light mocking on voting day... 'Hey loser what are you doing here? Don't you have a girlfriend or something? Are you a total loser? What's wrong with you?...' That sort of thing.

This tendency of the young voting more left can be seen by where our political parties lay on the spectrum and how much they go on about the youth vote. There is a direct co-relation.

Is low voter turnout really a problem? Well some people think it obviously is. I really get a kick out of the shows where they interview the, oh so very rare, disgruntled youth voter. The first thing out of their mouths is always something like 'Dude... none of the parties address the issuses that concern me'. What issues concern them? Usually the first one they mention is the cost of education. Note to 'idiot youth voter': your education is free you twit! Plus you're university education is a total steal unless of course you take 'english, arts in general, or basket-weaving' then your on your own. Considering how much of his schooling is covered by someone other than themselves I find it astonishing that they claim no one cares about this issue. JACKASS!

Most of the other issues that concern youth voters involve pimples, BO, and getting a date for the prom. What can a national political leader do about these issues? Nothing!

You spoiled little brats think the world revolves around you. Well you know what? It doesn't. Not a flying !/3@). Grow up already. The only person who thinks your opinion matters is your mother and that's only on the good days.

My suggestion to young voters is to go and talk to your parents and grand-parents about voting. I'm sure most of them has lots of experience with the process.

Some will tell you that a politician never delivers on their promises. This may be an exageration but you'ld be astonished by how many people believe it. Plus your family will be able to tell how politicians only want to get into office so that they can funnel some cash and business towards their family and friends. Your family will also be able to tell you about every vote that they ever wasted which in most cases will have been all of them.

Listen long and hard and maybe you'll decide to be like the rest of us where politicians promise to address our concerns and then after we vote for them they turn around and stab us in the back.

Maybe the kiddies are onto something?

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