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Who Spends More on Health Care?

Let's start things off by giving you a quote from Paul Martin,
"You can have a country like Canada. You can have a country like the United States, That's a choice you can make. But you cannot have a health-care system like Canada's ... [and] social programs like Canada's with taxation levels like those of the United States."
Let's follow that up by giving the amounts the two countries spend on healthcare per capita, America $2,180 per capita, compared to Canada's $1,986. Wait a sec, the Americans spend more on healthcare than Canada, are we being mislead by our Prime Minister?

Sure the Americans spend less on welfare than we do, but they also spend way more than us on defence, so wouldn't it be possible to lower our taxes and also fund heathcare appropriately? Is Stephen Harper on to something, lower taxes and heathcare, sounds good to me.

[ Via Nealenews ]

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