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A Replacement for Don Cherry

As you may already know, the CBC is planning to give Don Cherry the axe after this year's NHL playoffs. In a related story, my secret source deep inside the CBC has obtained a short list of the 5 candidates the CBC are considering for the position of replacing Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada.

Of course the reason for getting rid of Cherry is because he is not politically correct enough for the CBC anymore, so keeping that in mind, all candidates must fall in line with the CBC strict views, following the company line mindlessly is very important. Here are the 5 in random order.

Paula Abdul - Yes, Paula of America Idol fame, she loves everybody good or bad, all you have to do is show up and give it your best and that's enough for her. The CBC thinks her sunny personality would fit right in at Hockey Night in Canada.

Ben Mulroney - Everybody loves Ben Mulroney, wait a sec, they don't. I guess the CBC messed up on this one, count him out.

Al Franken - Franken is looking for work in the liberal bias field and the CBC is the right fit for him. He's funny, smart and will tackle anyone who believes in anything that he doesn't, a real live wire.

Rick Mercer - Come on its the CBC, Rick Mercer has to be up for the job. Mercer's CBC special showing how ignorant Americans are towards Canada is really the type of message the CBC is trying to get across to Canadians. He may be the front runner.

Joe Clark - Joe is the dark horse in the field, he has been sucking up to the CBC lately by bad mouthing Stephen Harper and the Conservative party which has opened some doors for him at the CBC, there is a method to Joe's madness after all, keep it up Joe, there's hope for you yet.

There you have it, the top candidates for the open position at Hockey Night in Canada. All 5 are great candidates, may the best one win.

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