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Maritimes to be Starved Out

Liberal fearmongering on PEI has been taken up a notch be ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) Minister Joe McGuire. Yesterday McGuire said that he thinks Stephen Harper and the Conservative party are going to to shut down ACOA, then starve the Atlantic region so that we will all have to move to Alberta or Ontario.
"He (Harper) thinks the only way to do it is to starve us out of the region so we'll all go to Alberta or Ontario."
This of course is a gross exaggeration by McGuire that seems to fit into the current Liberal election strategy. Harper has only said he wants to "refocus" and "depoliticize" the agency (ACOA), which would make sense.

For a Liberal incumbent like McGuire, who in my opinion is going to be reelected very easily, you'd think he would take the high road in his campaign, not fearmongering and resorting to negative messages as a first resort, that is unless he is just following orders from the top in Ottawa, to demonize the Conservatives at all costs.

New Brunswick MP and Conservative critic for ACOA, Greg Thompson has come to the defense of Harper,
"Stephen Harper is a trained economist and he understands regional development and he understands the roles of those agencies and he never once suggested that he was going to take the wrecking ball to them,"
It is true that Harper has been critical of ACOA, but that doesn't mean he's going to starve the Maritimes as McGuire suggests. Harper only wants to change the direction of the economic strategy in the Atlantic region currently used by the Liberals, which we all know is not perfect. Harper has said he would work with the provincial governments to develop and put into working practice an ACOA that is more productive than the current model, doesn't that sound reasonable, not at all like the Liberals make it out to be?

Harper furthers his views here,
"I don't believe in direct subsidization of economic development, I think we need to create a lower tax regime and that will create more jobs over time."
Many of us already know that direct sudsidies don't work long term in business, you have to look no further than the fish plant industry in Newfoundland for an example. Here Thompson adds this critic as well,
"We will not use it as our personal piggy bank as the Liberals have done, I think there is some evidence that suggests that they've done that in violation of the mandate that ACOA was given, often bypassing the board and just simply making political decisions to benefit them and no one else. That will definitely end, there is no question about that."
For a party that has been in power for as long as the Liberals have been, you would think they would be able to run on their record alone, without having to take the low road so early and often in this election campaign, I guess the Liberals aren't that confident in their record, I sure know a lot of Canadians aren't.

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