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Is That A Cliff I See Approaching?

The NDPs first campaign pledge was that if elected they would raise our taxes. Not exactly a vote getter even in the Great Socialist North.

The NDP never to be outdone by the pledges of the other political parties have outdone even themselves today. In another brilliant show of political gamesmenship they've pledged to make it easier for Quebec politicos to split the country apart.

A week ago I thought that Jack Layton was a smart political operator. That has totally gone out the window with his performance over the past week.

First the tax increase. Note to all you socialists out there: DON'T TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE GOING TO RAISE THEIR TAXES. Nobody wants to pay more taxes. Alot of people think it is OK if OTHER people pay higher taxes just don't give them any reason to think you are eyeing their wallet. Stalin wouldn't have been stupid enough to think that would make people love him.

Now he proposes to eliminate the federal Clarity Act. Exactly who's vote does he hope to gain by this position? Someone worked up enough by the Clarity Act to support this position is not going to vote for the NDP. They already have a party to represent their interests... its called the Bloc.

And really is anyone, even in Quebec, opposed to the Clarity Act? Even if you are a separatist I can't imagine why you'ld care about it. I'm just an anglo though so what would I know?

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