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Election Analysis of Egmont

Well seeing as Dana gave us his predictions for who will win in his riding of Ottawa South, I'll give you mine in my riding of Egmont, PEI. I'm not going to get nearly into the detail that Dana did because its going to be a blowout, plain and simple. No fun at all.

Incumbent Liberal Joe McGuire is going to have Conservative Reg Harper (no relation to Stehpen) for lunch. I would say McGuire is going to get at least 60% of the vote, Harper will grab about 30% and the rest will go to the NDP Regina Russell, and the Green party will get about 17 votes, what ever percent that works out to be isn't important.

So there it is, McGuire may have one of the widest margins of victory on election day, not because he's loved but because of the lack of a quality candidate to run against him. Many of the people I've talked to in the last couple of days have said they have no intention to vote McGuire but the Conservative (Harper) is not very popular in the area either, I predict a low voter turn out in Egmont for lack of anybody worth voting for. Sad but true. If you like exciting races, stay away from Egmont.

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