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Top Ten List

It's after 1 o'clock here on the East Coast, I'm tired and thinking about going to bed but I have one more thing for you tonight. Top Ten things to do after 1 in the morning when your home and the only one still awake, keep in mind I'm not that young anymore so partying is out of the question.

1. Drink a pot of coffee and stay up for 4 or 5 more hours.

2. The smart choice, just go to bed.

3. Watch Sports Center eight times in a row then watch it once more because you may have missed something important.

4. Stay glued to CNN because Osama Bin Ladin may be captured and you want to be the first person to see it on the news.

5. Watch French Porn.

6. Think about doing some push-ups or sit-ups because your getting out of shape, naw.

7. Think up new ways for you to make your life easier, like buying the winning 6/49 ticket, then hire a maid.

8. Nothing beats A-Team reruns.

9. Fall asleep on the couch and wake up with a sore back after telling yourself not to fall asleep on the couch because you'll wake up with a sore back.

10. Talk to your dog until she thinks she's the sane one in the family, remember dogs eat crap and love to sniff smelly asses.

There you have it my guide to living an exciting nightlife. After reading yet another Top Ten list what do you think of the effect David Letterman has on society?

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