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Here's a Surprise

Well Alan Rock has again been cleared of wrongdoing according to the CBC. Why do they even bother to report this. The CBC is supposed to report the news. This mornings broadcast did not report the following:

- the sun rising in the east
- darkness unexpectedly ending near 7:00am
- breakfast most popular meal between 7:00am and 9:00am

Why bother telling us that Alan Rock has been cleared when I could have written that same article 2 weeks ago.

And Howard Wilson, who is he kidding? Ethics counsellor? Please? Wilson treats all of these instances of Liberal wrongdoing as criminal matters and not as ethical matters. The Liberal position in all of these cases over the years has been that unless someone can prove a criminal offense has taken place then the question of lax ethics is preposterous.

Doesn't Wilson, or the Canadian people for that matter, realize that the term 'ethics counsellor' is a misnomer. First of all he judges everything from a criminal context instead of an ethical one (ie. there's no body in your basement, very well Mr. Rock all is good). And second, isn't he supposed to judge the actions of the government and report instances where ethical codes have been violated. He is not supposed to counsel the government on how to gloss over ethical lapses and present a pretty picture for the public to consume.

No matter how the Liberal's spin it, no government official should be taking free flights and vacations on someone else's dime. Period. Especially when that dime comes from one of the wealthiest families in the country. Now if Alan Rock took a vacation with his neighbour Ralph who paid for the gas on the way to the KOA, then fine not much to worry about there. Especially if Alan had to supply his own hotdogs and marshmallows. But please, free flights, and a stay in the 'wilds' of Labrador at the Irving's retreat.

Ah, maybe I'm just jealous of the free perks that Alan Rock enjoys. Perhaps. I just wish they wouldn't call me a conservative nut and then poke me in the eye at the same time.