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Go already!

Latest news is that Jean ChRETiEN will be leaving office before this upcoming February.

Canadians will finally be rid of the one man who has done more damage, not only to the nation of Canada, but to the entire notion of being Canadian, than any leader probably in our history.

But regardless of his leaving, and his replacement with the slightly more tolerable Paul Martin, I am sad to say that I am disappointed in seeing him leave. Given all the scandals his government has been involved in, its sad to see that he'll be able to just slip into the night. If this country had a united Conservative alternative I would have been able to drink myself into a stupor in seeing him getting lynched by the country during an election. Instead he'll walk away, able to do God knows what kind of damage in some other capacity.

SecGen of the UN? Perhaps... Oh please God don't let that happen.

All you Conservatives out there better be ready... we'll never be rid of this man and his blasted opinions.

Anyways on to better news, the uniting of the Canadian Right is looking more probable by the day. The Globe and Mail had a nice full page advertisement by the Conservative? Yes! campaign. Check out the link on the sidebar.

Now if only David Orchard could get hit by a bus somewheres all would be good. What's up with this guy? I used to have this nagging suspicion that Joe Clark was a paid stooge of The Liberal Party meant to divide the Canadian Right and ensure Liberal victories at the polls. Now I suspect the checks are being diverted to Orchards checking account these days.

Orchard would choose to be a 'loser' until when exactly? He refuses to deal with the Canadian Alliance yet he has absolutely no proposal on how to beat the Liberals. Does this character not realize that if you are unrelenting in your beliefs, and refuse to cooperate with those of a similar political persuasion, that you'll never be able to form a government given the manner of Canadian politics?

Anyways, if anyone knows Orchard's jogging schedule, I can arrange the bus...