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Banning Poppies?

Check out how several business's have tried to ban poppy sales on their premises.

Now I'm all for business's being free to do what they please but I'll be damned if I'll have anything to do with IKEA, CIBC, or National Bank after this. Who at these companys thought that this was a good idea? What exactly were they smoking?

You may be happy to hear that all these company's have since relented and are now allowing poppy sales, but quite frankly, the deed has been done. Now I could add that all the locations that tried this were located in Quebec. But I won't. Really it doesn't matter anyways. Corporate headquarters should have known what was going on. Oh well, they'll learn only when Canadians start avoiding companys that allow this stuff.

On a better note, have any of you seen the latest Rememberance Day spot that has been on the tube for the last week or so. If you haven't seen it, it has a young fellow travelling in France. Well he calls his granddad and after a bit of chitchat, his granddad asks him how the girls in Paris are? The grandson pauses and says he isn't in Paris... he is in Dieppe. Well I won't go any further than that but it is a very touching TV spot. Everytime I hear it I stop everything and watch. So congratulations to... Bell Sympatico!

Check out the excellent website put up by Bell Sympatico at Remember Canada.

So remember: Bell Sympatico = Good, IKEA = Evil, CIBC = Evil, and National Bank = Evil. Good night.