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Are Europeans Hopeless?

Given the results of a European Commision survey one has to think that Europe has lost its mind.

The Telegraph reports, that 59% of Europeans believe that Israel is the largest threat to world peace. How a country that has never started a war in its history be considered the largest threat to world peace is beyond me.

Even totalitarian governments such a North Korea and Iran seem to bother Europeans less than a couple million Jews. Look out Europe Israel is going to conquor you!

I have to ask why is it that Europe can claim such moral superiority on so many issues today and yet knowbody bats an eye? Europe would let millions die in North Korea to ensure its own peace. Europe let 100's of thousands die in Iraq over the years and had the nerve to defend the regime that killed them. How many died in the Balkans last decade because of their moral superiority?

I guess many in Europe have had a tendency to support tyrants over the decades but at least nationally their leaders always had the common sense to choose the right side or to shut up. It sends a very chilling message about Europe's future when their leaders begin to openly support murderous dictators over the U.S.

And after this whole Iraq kurfluffle, Germany and France have the nerve not to pony up any cash! Well here's a solution to that problem right here... the U.S. government should kindly inform France, Germany, and any other ungrateful nation that received Marshall funds after WWII that payment has come due.

Inform them that the Marshall funds were not grants but in fact were loans with a 50 year payment free grace. By 1952, the U.S. had given Europe about $13.2 billion, which according to The Inflation Calculator is equivalent to over $117 billion today. The U.S. should inform these nations that they can do either of two things:

1) Pony up more cash for Iraq or
2) Begin repayment on the 'loans'

If they refused to do either then start confiscating European assets until the bill is covered. Beginning with France!

Sorry, I'm all over the place today. Focus man, focus... ARG!